As a home and tree owner, you can assist in promoting tree health by maintaining the nutrients in your trees' soil. We design our slow-release fertilizer to create the perfect blend of nutrients that is low in salts and contains humic acid and root stimulants that will help your trees grow tall and strong. For many years, the widely held belief was that spring was the optimal time to fertilize trees and shrubs. However, this belief has changed quite radically as researchers now believe that fall is the best time for landscape fertilization.  In addition we are leading the way into the new developing soil science of bio-char. 

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When to Fertilize

  • The best time to fertilize is about one month after the first killing frost. It’s important not to start too early.
  • In the fall, the vegetative growth has gone dormant, but the roots continue to function until the ground freezes. Applying proper nutrients to the soil in the fall allows the plant’s feeder roots to absorb and store the various nutrients it needs for the next spring.
  • During this period of active roots with dormant vegetation, the energy of the plant is focused on disease resistance and root development.
  • When the spring warmth triggers the buds to break and the plants to flush, your plants will be ready to start producing immediately and with a much healthier root system to support the new growth.
  • Slow-release fertilizers that are low in salts and that contain additional humic acid and root stimulants are the best fertilizers to use in the fall. This is exactly what we use at Emerald Tree Care.
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