Zimmerman Pine Moth

Zimmerman pine moths infest pine trees causing them to weaken and become more susceptible to various pine diseases.

What Is It?

Zimmerman moth, also referred to as the Zimmerman pine moth, is on e of the most significant and damaging pests in North America. The larva of the insect can live under the bark of several species of pine tree where is causes significant damage.

Plants Affected:

Zimmerman moth can infest several species of pine tree, however the plants most commonly affected are the Austrian and Scotch pines.

Damage Caused:

A tree that is infested with Zimmerman moth will show a browning and wilting of new tree growth. Infested areas will tend to wilt downward in a recognizable "fishhook" shape. Eventually that damage will spread and cause the death of the entire branch. The larvae of the Zimmerman moth will spend the winter in the bark of the tree. In the spring they will bore deeper into the tree where the larvae will feed. This deep feeding is what causes the most significant damage to the host tree.


The young Zimmerman moth caterpillars spend winter in the bark of its host tree. When the weather warms, the caterpillars bore into the tree where they will feed. This feeding typically begins in April and lasts for several months. In august the adult moths emerge from the tree. After mating, Zimmerman moths will lay their eggs on the bark of the tree. The eggs hatch and the caterpillars will feed on the bark until the winter.

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