Spider Mites

Spider Mites are tiny insects that feed on the leaves of plants.

What Is It?

Spider mites are very small pests that resemble spiders. These mites are capable of causing significant damage to plants under the right conditions. The classification of spider mites does not refer to one specific species, but rather there are over 1,200 species of mites that are referred to as spider mites.

Plants Affected:

Spider mites are capable of infesting hundreds of different plant species. If you think your plant may have spider mites, hold a sheet of white paper under a branch and tap it firmly. If spider mites are present, they will fall off onto the paper and will be able to be seen crawling around.

Damage Caused:

Spider mites feed on the leaves of their host plant. They do this by piercing the leaf tissue and sucking out the green liquid within.


Spider mites thrive under warm conditions, so the majority of the damage they cause occurs during the summer. This is also the time when treatment methods tend to be the most effective.

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