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Emerald Tree Care, LLC spent the past week in Cedarburg, Wisconsin treating the city’s ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer. The city contract is for just under 1400 trees and this doesn’t count many¬†individual residents of Cedarburg who have contracts with¬†ETC, LLC to have their trees treated as well. All of these trees were soil treated in five days.

This incredible amount of work was not done by a small army however. In fact all of this work was done in such a short amount of time by only one person.

Melinda White is a field technician for Emerald Tree Care and this year she was given the task of treating the soil for the entire city of Cedarburg.

When asked about her time in Cedarburg, White said “It’s an honor to be the one keeping the trees alive. Cedarburg is a beautiful city and we’re doing our best to help keep it that way”.

White was able to accomplish this feat of tree care in part thanks to her familiarity with the city and its trees. “It’s my fourth year treating the trees in Cedarburg and I always look forward to it”.

White, who is engaged to another one of Emerald Tree Care’s field technicians, went on to say how much she enjoyed her time in Cedarburg. “It’s almost more of a vacation”.