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Treating trees requires one to be able to get around.

The field technicians at Emerald Tree Care, LLC will now be able to get around to customers more fuel efficiently than ever thanks to the purchase of two 2016 Chevy Sonics.


ETC1 and ETC2, the newest company vehicles at Emerald Tree Care, LLC

“Team members were being asked to use personal vehicles which didn’t make us look like a unified company” says Emerald Tree Care, LLC’s office manager and partial owner Brianna White. “Eventually we plan to have the new vehicles wrapped so the whole fleet matches and a customer will be able to identify us when we drive up to their house”.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the new vehicles, the company also understands the importance of being environmentally friendly.

“The new vehicles are incredibly fuel efficient” says White, “not only does this save us money on gas, but it’s also better for the environment which is obviously important to us as a tree care company”.

Keep and eye out for one the new Emerald Tree Care vehicles in your neighborhood this summer.