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One of my customers this last year had an ash tree they wanted to save from the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer right next to their prized fish pond.

How do you save both an ash tree AND a Poi Pond?

The ash tree is on the right side of the top picture and is also shown below, right behind the deck and right next to the pond.

GOAL: Save the ash tree without harming the fish

You can see how this older ash tree is critical to the overall backyard landscape. The problem is that Imidicloprid added to the soil treatment will surely leach into the pond. Imidicloprid is harmful to aquatic vertebrates like fish. In this next picture you can see just how close the pond is to the tree.

The fish are downhill just to the right of this ash tree.

We can’t take the chance on harming the pond inhabitants shown in the next picture.

How can you risk their lives and still save this ash tree?

With the ArborSystems Direct Inject Tree Injection System, I am able to inject Imidicloprid directly under the bark, where it can move into the leaves in less than 24 hours. At no time will any product move anywhere near this pond.

This tool gives arborists the exact tool they need to confidently treat this ash tree in a very delicate situation.

When you have a special plant health care need, such as exists in this backyard be sure you contact the very best!

Get a Board Certified Master Arborist to take care of what is important to you! Contact Wayne White of Emerald Tree Care LLC.


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