Family Owned & Operated

Having our customers know the 'faces behind the names' is an important part of what makes us proud to be a small, family business. Wayne founded Emerald Tree Care, LLC in 2005. After the business grew to a point where he could no longer be a one-man-show, Brianna joined the team to help manage the office. (The 'office' was once just a truck and a printer!) Not wanting to be left out, Melinda and (her now-husband) Josh joined the team as field technicians the following spring. Daniel and Angela expanded their Virginia-based business to join us in our plant healthcare efforts on a full-time basis. Mike joined the team as the warehouse manager, followed quickly by joining the field technician crew. Zach came on as a part-time field technician initially, and has grown into a full-time field tech, along with being our web/social media manager.
Picture of Wayne A. White
Board Certified Master Arborist

Wayne A. White

Wayne founded Emerald Tree Care, LLC in 2005. He is one of less than 500 Board Certified Master Arborists in the country. He is an industry leader in early, effective treatment for the Emerald Ash Borer. With a vast knowledge of insect and disease issues, Wayne strives to raise the bar when it comes to teaching homeowners about tree and plant healthcare.

Picture of Brianna White
Office Manager / Graphic Designer

Brianna White

Brianna, Wayne's oldest daughter, joined the team in August 2011. With a knack for organization, Brianna easily took on the task of managing Wayne's office. With a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications, she also handles the company stationary and print advertising. When you call in to the office, you're likely to get Brianna on the phone!

Picture of Melinda Roltsch
Field Technician / Photographer

Melinda Roltsch

Melinda, Wayne's youngest daughter, joined the team in 2012. With a history of basketball under her belt, she is much more athletically-inclined than her sister, so she was destined for the field. Melinda generally is the one to work on the Cedarburg, WI contract. She also earned a Bachelor's Degree in Photography, and works as a wedding photographer when she is not saving trees.

Picture of Mike Daugherty
Field Technician / Warehouse Manager

Mike Daugherty

Mike initially joined the team in February 2015 as the Warehouse Manager but quickly transitioned into being a field technician. He will become Wayne's second son-in-law in October 2018. Mike handles the West Chicago, IL municipal contract, along with many residential sites. Although he plans to become an arborist, Mike has a growing interest in the field of archaeology.

Picture of Josh Roltsch
Field Technician

Josh Roltsch

Josh joined the team at the same time as Melinda in 2012. He became Wayne's first son-in-law in June 2016. He attended Michigan State University and is currently a band director at a junior high school in Michigan. In the summertime, Josh will join Melinda in Cedarburg, WI assisting with ash tree treatments. Josh currently plans to pursue a Master's Degree.

Picture of Zach Liles
Field Technician / Social Media / Web Design

Zach Liles

Zach originally joined the team in 2014 working part-time in the field, Zach learned a lot about trees from Josh and Melinda. He learned even more about trees once he transitioned to full-time in 2016 where he works in the field as well as produces video and written content for the website. Zach attended Central Michigan University and has a Bachelor's Degree.

Picture of Daniel Miraval
Certified Arborist

Daniel Miraval

Wayne has known Daniel since he was 18. With his extensive knowledge in the nursery industry, it was exciting to bring both him and his wife, Angela, into the team in 2013. Daniel quickly learned a lot about the plant healthcare and tree maintenance side of arboriculture and became a certified arborist. He personally handles all root collar excavation and pruning jobs.

Picture of Angela Miraval
Field Technician

Angela Miraval

Angela, along with her husband, Daniel, joined the team in 2013. She helps Daniel on many of our municipal contract jobs, including those in Roselle, IL and Downers Grove, IL. Angela is also a huge help on the office side when it comes to organizing and scheduling all of the root collar excavation and pruning jobs. We are happy to have this duo on the team!